Hubsan H107D+ change lens mod

Drone Hubsan H107D+ has 2MP camera for FPV and recordings. On board is a lens with an angle of view of 90 degrees. This lens has two main problems: angle of view (90′) is t0o narrow to fly indors using only FPV, and in many cases default lens doesn’t create a sharp image. Below I show how to change this lens without disassembling most of drone parts.

[PL] Dron Hubsan H107D+ ma wbudowaną kamerę 2MP do podglądu FPV oraz do nagrań. Domyślny obiektyw ma kąt widzenia około 90 stopni. Ten obiektyw ma dwie podstawowe wady: kąt widzenia 90′ jest za mały żeby móc sprawnie latać przy użyciu podlądu FPV, a do tego wiele osób w internecie (w tym i ja) skarży się na niewyraźny obraz. Poniżej pokazuję modyfikację polegającą na wymianie obiektywu.

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Hubsan H107D+ Antenna Mod on drone

By default Hubsan H107D plus has a transmit FPV antenna at te bottom of drone, in horizontal position, directed to the rear.

If you want fly only up and down this is ok, but if you want to fly more sideways than up, this is very bad position. When your drone is about 30m from you and is rotating, on your screen on transmitter the FPV picture will disappear and show again. Here is small HowTo change it in a simple way.

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Creating Xen VM (DomU) and change its configuration

You have physical server with Linux (eg. Debian). You have XEN Hypervisor installed and configured to work with two networks (public and LAN) available in bridges (xenbr0 and xenbr1). For storage I suggest using LVM partitions for easy creation and modyfication disc partitions for virtual machines.

Time to create first virtual machine. In Xen virtual machine (VM) is called DomU (User Domain).

xen-create-image –hostname=mysql.lan  –size=10G  –ip= –vifname=mysql.0 –vcpu=4 –gateway= –netmask= –dist=xenial

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Why should I uptade Nginx? Changes between 1.19 and 1.4.6 and 1.8.0

Nginx is well known web server, used on many Linux (and Windows) servers. Package is still updated, so if you have older, but still supported Ubuntu 12.04 you can have Nginx 1.19 installed, while the latest version of nginx is 1.9. Is it worth the upgrade nginx? In my opinon yes, but in most cases only to 1.4.6.

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Network configuration on XEN server with 2 interfaces, bridge and VLANs

Simple configuration of network on XEN server running on Debian Jessie, with 2 interfaces, when you want to use only one physical interface (eth1) for VPS, but using VLANs allow VPS to use Internet and LAN connections.

  • eth0 – Management LAN
  • eth1 – two networks: VLAN 11 and VLAN 12 in trunk link from cisco switch

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